"Oh yea, this'll do some damage."
Tommy [src]

Acid Sprayer is shotgun type weapon found by Tommy on level Hidden Agenda during the events of Prey.

Overview Edit

This is basically a shotgun, that uses acid for ammunition. The primary fire is very deadly at close range, but drops very quickly with distance increase. The secondary fire launches the entire vial of acid, that acts like an acid grenade, which can be lethal if the shot hits its mark. Skillfully-aimed shots with the secondary fire can be rebounded against walls and around corners and so on.

The acid sprayer is a weapon unknown within the Sphere, possibly assembled by the Hidden. As the gun is obtained by Tommy, it was being analyzed in one of the Sphere's many labs.

Usage Edit

Works well when fighting in close quarters or at close range. Secondary fire can be used to clear out rooms from distance.

Trivia Edit

  • Tommy is shown wielding the Acid Sprayer in most of the promotional material for Prey.

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