An Office with a View is a main story quest in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

I’ve been aboard Talos I for a long time, trapped in some kind of repeating test, but i have no memory of how i got here. January says there’s a video i need to see that will answer my questions.

Objectives Edit

  • Access the video file

Walkthrough Edit

You start exploring Talos I Lobby on the second level and have to reach the protagonist's office which is located on the third level (this is the first big location so it's a good idea to look at the map often). Begin by investigating the corridor up front, as the corpse found next to the long sofa has valuable items (the loot are generated randomly, and will differ in each instance).

Go down the stairs to the first level and head south, going through the central part of the Lobby (with the broken main elevator). Reach the stairs located in the southwestern corner of the map. Go up to the third level.

When you're on level 3, enter Executive Offices (you'll pass by a "friendly" turret on the way). Yu's office is closed but January should contact you in the meantime and give you the code to the door - 0451. Alternatively, you can learn the code by using Jason Chang's computer and reading an e-mail - the password for the computer can be found on the note stuck to the screen.

There are many valuable items (including a few Neuromods found the desk and a GLOO Cannon ammo Fabrication Plan in the safe)) and interactive devices to be found in the protagonist's office, although looking for them is completely optional. The most important thing is to interact with Yu's computer. Select the third bookmark (Utilities) and confirm the will to play the video which then will be displayed behind you. Having watched the (incomplete) video, listen to Alex Yu's and January's commentary.

Trivia Edit

  • The door code 0451 is a reference to Ray Bradbury's dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451, in which it represents "the temperature at which book-paper catches fire and burns". The code has since appeared in numerous other games developed by former Looking Glass employees
  • While you are watching the video, you can find that the video is being recorded in the Simulation Debriefing Room.
    • There is also a key code that can be found if one were to look closely in the left corner of the during the conversation. This key code is for the safe in the same room as the video and the code to open the safe is 5150.
  • If you are playing the demo version of the game, the end of the video is where the demo ends. Although you can still explore the lobby, but you can leave to any other area, such as the Hardware Labs.
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