Andrius Alekna, volunteer no. V-080953-P01 is a volunteer stationed aboard TranStar Pytheas moon base during Prey: Mooncrash.

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Andrius became an unwilling volunteer for TranStar aboard their moon base called the Pytheas facility. There he tested various Neuromods and developed psychic powers. Unfortunately, due to repeated exposure to Neuromod technology, his body has become drastically weaker than before. After Typhon break out in the base, Andrius decides to escape Pytheas facility and return to his young son back on Earth.

Mooncrash Edit

As everyone is killed on the moon base, Andrius escapes from his confinement and travels through the Crater in order to reach the last remaining escape pod. Eventually, after evading both Typhon and hostile machinery, Andrius reaches the pod and escapes from the Pytheas moon base.

Personality and skills Edit

Andrius deeply cared about his family and wanted to return to them at all cost. He also had mastered his Typhon powers.

Character Stats Edit

Andrius has reduced health (75 HP) and normal Psi capacity (100 PSI). He possesses strong offensive psychic abilities, which includes Kinetic Blast, Superthermal, Backlash, and Burrow. His default starting loadout consists of x1 T-Ration and x1 Psi Hypo.

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