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Basilisk is a codename for a mid-level Kasma operative. She is the handler for both Claire Whitten and Peter, and is responsible for guiding them to complete KASMA executives. Her superior is Teddy, a KASMA director.


Claire Whitten[]

During the events of Mooncrash, Basilisk informs Claire that Transtar has learned of KASMA's infiltration and that Claire's role as a mole has been discovered. Basilisk then tasks Claire with destroying all of the listening devices that Claire hid aboard the station to prevent any evidence from being found. After destroying the listening devices, Basilisk directs Claire to hide her operations key inside Riley Yu's Datavault Operator. This key had two functions: to destroy Riley's physical body once her mind was uploaded into the Operator and create a beacon so that KASMA could retrieve the Operator.

After completing her mission, Basilisk apologizes to Claire and tells her that KASMA declined to extract her from the Moonbase. However, Basilisk encourages Claire to find her way off of the station.


The Datavault Operator that Claire had stuck her key into eventually makes its way to Peter, and Basilisk gives him instructions on using it. After he connects to it, Basilisk orders him to go through the simulations retrieved in the Operator's memory. While he completes KASMA objectives, Basilisk keeps him motivated by sending him reminder emails and a slideshow of family pictures. She also creates a few programs for the simulation to help (and hinder, as seen by the TrollScripts) Peter within the simulations.

Eventually, the O2 scrubbers in Peter's pod are damaged, and Basilisk tasks him with fixing them. While he is rebooting his pod, Peter syncs with Basilisk's network even though all connections are logged. He is then able to hear a conversation between Basilisk and her superior, Teddy. He discovers that KASMA views both him and Basilisk as expendable assets and are ready to let him die rather than evacuate him back to Earth.

Basilisk views the logs and discovers that Peter has overheard her conversation with Teddy. She explains that he is not the only one to sign a bad contract and that both he and her will have to work together to survive. Peter decides to continue conducting simulations to maintain the status quo. In return, Basilisk helps Teddy enable oxygen tanks within his room in case of any future incidents.

After Peter completes all of the simulations, Basilisk connects Teddy and Peter to speak. Teddy explains to Peter that it is too expensive to bring him back to Earth and then shuts down life support in his pod. Peter stays alive by using the oxygen tanks in his room and then crashes his pod onto the moon.

Basilisk's fate after Peter's escape is ultimately unknown.


  • "Everything passing between the module and KASMA is logged, so I know the channel was open. And I know what you heard. Right now, I'm the only one who knows. I need to say I'm sorry. You're not the only one who signed a penalty contract with KASMA and many of us are obligated to the company now in difficult ways. I can't paint this in a different color for you. But if you help me, if you finish what the company is asking you to do, I will personally provide you with an out. If you don't trust me, I don't blame you. But if you don't trust me now, both of us will be in the same shit."
  • "Peter, this has to be short. We don't have much time, so good luck to you."


  • Basilisk is never seen in the game, she only heard through Peter's computer console