Breach Access is a side quest in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

An accident caused a breach in Hardware Labs. I’ve restored atmosphere to the breached hallway. Now I can get to the Beams and Waves lab.

Objectives Edit

  • Access the Beams and Waves Lab

Walkthrough Edit

This Optional Mission can first be obtained by entering the blown up Combustion Lab in the Hardware Labs by exiting the airlock into the Talos I Exterior, and floating in to find a broken Breach panel.

Before you leave, be sure to repair the Breach Failsafe for the hallway leading to the Beams & Wave Lab - doing so will allow you to seal the hallway off and start the Breach Access side mission, letting you access the Beams and Waves lab from back in the Atrium. Be careful as you return - as another Phantom has now shown up in the Atrium.

By getting access to the Beams and Waves Lab, you'll be able to get the Q-Beam much earlier, and start another side mission: The Blackbox Project.

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