"Holy shit!"
Tommy after seeing Centurion for the first time. [src]

The Centurion is one of the Sphere's most dreaded warriors, engineered for planetary sieges. Centurion primary appears in Prey.

Overview Edit

This muscular beast blasts through adversaries using dual Auto Cannons grafted to both arms. In addition to this advanced weaponry, the Centurion's sheer size and brute strength makes it a truly intimidating obstacle. When Tommy first fights one, it can tear down the pillars in the area with a single blow of its arms. In this first battle Tommy can use the force field doors to sever one of its arms, gaining him an Auto Cannon for his own use.


Centurion is giant muscular beast with two Auto Cannons in the place of hands. His head looks similar to a bull's skull with bright green eyes glowing. Multiple metal tubing are seen running through his body.


  • The Centurion looks similar to the Cyberdemon from the DOOM series.
  • The name and the fact that Tommy can use the cannon right off the bat without the need of any modifications, suggests that the cannons are autonomous in design and operate on their own without the need of input from a Centurion.