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"Hey, Cleans-with-Rag! How about a couple more beers over here?"
Dalton asking Jen to bring more beer to them. [src]
"Keep them coming, girl."
Chuck, urging Jen to bring more beer to them. [src]

Chuck and Dalton are a pair of men seen bumming around at Jen's Bar.



Chuck and Dalton were sitting at the bar, when they start to pick on Jen. Dalton grabs Jen by the arm and Enisi urges Tommy to do something about it. They both are beaten by Tommy. Later at the end of the chapter they are all abducted by The Sphere. It's unknown what happened to them afterwards. It's safe to assume that they were killed or became one of the Sphere post-humans.


  • Dalton is voiced by John Galt, who also voiced Enisi and Chuck is voiced by Lee Ernst, who also voices The Keeper.