Claire Whitten is a custodian aboard the Pytheas facility during Prey: Mooncrash.

History Edit

Mooncrash Edit

At the start of the game, Claire is locked, but can be unlocked by completing Vijay Bhatia's story objective. During this objective, it is revealed that Claire killed most of the security personnel on the station (which is later reinforced from Claire's story objective) and poisoned Bhatia. She then escaped on an escape pod. Bhatia tracks her down and is set to explode her pod, but she contacts him first and remarks that she has some of his men on the pod with her. The player (as Bhatia) can decide whether or not to explode the pod.

During Claire's objective, she is contacted by her handler Basilisk to destroy all of her listening devices so that Transtar doesn't find out about her, then to stash her KASMA Command Key inside of Riley Yu's datavault Operator, which will destroy Riley's body once she uploads her consciousness to the machine.

Personality and skills Edit

Claire likes solitude and rarely interacts with anyone on the moon base. She is fine with fact that most of the crew don't even know she exists.

Character Stats Edit

Has normal Health (100 HP) but no PSI capacity, abilities or default starting loadout on the character select screen prior to unlocking her. After unlocking her, she gains a Psychostatic Cutter and the Kasma Command Key.

Being Chief Technician on Pytheas, Claire has default access to any room, meaning that she does not need to find access cards to open a locked door. She is also the only character embodied by Peter to be able to perform Hacking. Providing that this ability has been installed with Neuromods, she is virtually able to access any room (except rooms with damaged doors, as she cannot repair them).

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