Coral refers to the yellow, glowing mist that the Typhon (in particular Weavers) creates throughout the Talos I space station in Prey.


The Coral has no effect on the player apart from giving them visions that hint on the truth about Morgan Yu. If the player has rescued and helped Dr. Dayo Igwe, the player will also be given a Psychoscope chipset (Coral Psi Extractor (*) 21.4Ghz) that allows the player to regenerate psi via contact with Coral, something that becomes especially useful for the players relying largely on psionic Typhon-powers later in the game when Coral becomes very widespread throughout the space station.

The Coral is a complex neural network that holds all the psyche of the victims that were killed by the Typhon. It uses a neural signal that the Typhon organisms are building to summon the Apex, which appears later on to take over Talos I.

While usually luminescent yellow, Coral can also appear dark yellow, or sometimes red, in dense spots such as the original containment chamber in psychotronics.


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