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"Disintegrated circuit found new--[voice malfunctioning]--instructions."
Engineering Operator (Corrupted) [src]

The Corrupted Operator is a Typhon - controlled hostile operator that can be found aboard Talos I in Prey (2017) and Pytheas moon base in Prey: Mooncrash.


The Corrupted Operator is an Operator that became corrupted by a Technopath. Rather than helping the player as Operators normally would, they instead attack the player, often with broken hydralic systems that the technopath breaks in the process or eletricity systems that were damaged in the process. Their attacks are short-range, but Corrupted Operators move much faster than ordinary Operators, and approach speedily as soon as they detect the player.

Corrupted Operators can be destroyed with weapons or abilities, or can be hacked to once again become friendly. They can be looted for Spare Parts if you have Dismantling skill.

Unfortunately, Corrupted Operators can not be restored to their normal functions (healing, repairing suit or restoring psi points) by the player.


Excerpt from TranStar Security Records[]

  • Incident report #1258-011835
  • Classification: Equipment Malfunction
  • Reporting officer: Patricia Wang

Incident summary: I was called to the scene by Carlos Popinga, who requested assistance with another haywire Operator near the Arboretum lift. Popinga explained that he had been sent to fix the main lift, which had been malfunctioning. He claims his Engineering Operator upon approaching the lift became hostile when Popinga attempted to deactivate it. I used an EMP Charge to neutralize the Operator. Popinga was sent to Trauma with severe burns.

The engineers down in Hardware Labs have already checked out the Operator. They tell me it's been physically rewired and completely reprogrammed, just like the last four cases. This looks like sabotage to me.


Corrupted by some sort of Typhon ability. Will try to incinerate you at close range. Keep away. Either freeze in place with GLOO or knock out with EMP. Metal body shrugs off most rounds.


Corrupted by the Typhon Technopath. Will try to incinerate, electrocute, or laser you, depending on the variety. Metal body shrugs off most rounds. Best bet is to hit them with EMP or other electrical attacks.