"Oh, woah-woah. Fucking hell."
Tommy after seeing a glimpse of Creature X. [src]

Creature X is a half-human, half-alien creature created by the forces of The Sphere for combat purposes. It appears in Prey.

Overview Edit

Creature X is half-human, half-alien reptile creatures. Humans that were fused with this creature have no control over it as seen with Jen. While the creature lacks back legs, it can move pretty fast. The cannons they possess have two firing modes: a continuous laser and pulse projectiles. They creature can also charge at Tommy. Both cannons on Creature X can be destroyed.


Creature X is made out of two creatures: the first one is a human being with Leech Guns that replaced his arms, the second one is a reptile-like creature who is very agile. It doesn't have back legs, instead it appears to have either trailing intestines or some kind of metal cables. In the place of hands they possess cannons.

Strategy Edit

When fighting Creature X variant, Leech Gun is really effective to use against him. This variant doesn't have the ability to heal himself, making the battle easier. Don't forget to keep your distance.