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Prey (2017)Edit

Prey InvasionEdit

Prey (c) 2006 Apogeee Inc. Produced under exclusive license from Apogee Inc. by MachineWorks Northwest LLC

Executive Producer: Scott Miller

Producer: Anreas Vahsen

Published by 2009 Hands-On Mobile Inc.

Lead Programmer: Seth A. Robinson

Additional Programming: Scott Pugh, Ben Milstead.

Art: Les Pardew, Weston Tracy

Additional Art by

Project Lead: Shawn Borsky

Creative Director:Richmond Lee

Technical Director: Charlie Roode

Conceptual Lead/Textures: Craig Aoyama

Modeler/Animator: Darius Hill

Texture Artist: Chad Walker

Texture Artist: Jennifer Glover

Special thanks to: Scott Miller, JJ Lechleitner, Dave Smiddy, Scot Scherrer and Kevin Dent

Fmod Sound system, copyright (c) Firelight Technologies PTY, LTD. 1994-2009

The Art of PreyEdit