Cystoids are a type of Typhon encountered on Talos I during Prey (2017) and Pytheas moon base during Prey: Mooncrash.

Overview Edit

Cystoids are the smallest Typhon creatures that players encounter in Prey, but their size can be deceptively disarming. About the size of a softball, these creatures make up for their diminutive size with some explosive firepower, and these little firecrackers tend to travel in packs and live in Cystoid Nests. Cystoids aren’t deep thinkers, so the second they sense movement, they take off on a Kamikaze mission that ends in a tiny explosion. 

Being damaged by Cystoids gives radiation poisoning. The more Cystoids damages you, the more radiation poisoning you will take.  

Description Edit




Observation log #1824-122864

It's fortunate the Weaver produces so many of these because keeping Cystoids alive for long outside of those nests has proven to be exceptionally difficult. Despite the lack of any visible sensory organs, each Cystoid seems capable of detecting us through unknown means, detonating on proximity. If we can figure out what it uses to "see," we may be able to find a way to "blind" it long enough to get a closer look.


Attracted to movement. Throw something to distract them. Try to group them up to take them out with fewer shots. Releases a burst of radiation on death.

Design Edit

Cystoids look like small, black balls with spikes on them.

Strategy Edit

Cystoids kill themselves when they explode, so as long as players are aware of their surroundings, they can easily deal with these nests by tossing a random object in their direction or use GLOO cannon. Explosive Canister is an effective object to destroy multiple Cystoid.

Cystoids also produced by Weavers when attacked.

All weapons except GLOO Cannon are not recommended since you will waste more ammo than what you can expect. GLOO Cannon can destroy Cystoid in one precision shot. The only exception weapon aside of GLOO Cannon is Huntress Boltcaster where the Huntress ammo can be retrieved after use. The Cystoids "hunt" the shots, as they make noise, and will explode if hit by them directly.

Cystoid Nest usually emits small radiation compared to Cystoid. It is one way to detect their presence if the nests are still around you.

If you encounter Cystoid Nest, it's better to find object that was large or having blast radius large enough to make a chain explosive which can also kill Cystoid upon impact such as Explosive Canister.

Be careful though that if you got attacked by multiple Cystoid at the same time, the radiation poisoning can even more lethal rather than one Cystoid at the time.

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