"Though your body is broken, Domasi, you are not yet defeated. You must restore your spirit and return to the land of the living. You must battle the dishonored dead."
Enisi after Tommy experience Death Walk for the first time. [src]

Death Walk is special ability that let's Tommy to comeback from death.

Overview Edit

After the player obtains the ability to Death Walk, they will not see a Game Over screen. Instead, upon losing all your health, or life reserve, you will be taken to a spiritual realm where your life will be restored in a matter of moments. You will then return to the game near the location where Tommy died. The red Wraiths will earn your additional life reserves when you return to the physical game world, while blue Wraiths will earn Tommy additional spirit reserves.


  • If Tommy dies prior to obtaining the ability to Deah Walk, you will be able to load from your last save point, or restart the current level.

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