Deep Storage is a main story quest in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

The fabrication plan for my Arming Key is in Deep Storage. I’ll need to take the elevator to the Arboretum in order to reach Deep Storage.

Objectives Edit

  • Take the main lift in the Lobby to The Arboretum

Walkthrough Edit

You will not be able to enter the Deep Storage without voice code where Danielle Sho is the one that uses the voice code. There are two ways of gaining the voice code from Danielle Sho, first is to get all the TranScribe recordings around Crew Quarters and second is to rescue her in Fitness Center after you defeat Telepath. The second option will only happens if you rescued Volunteer 37 from Telepath and found Abigail's Foy body in freezer. You will met her if you wrench the Fitness Center glass several times and she will give her voice code after she request you to kill Volunteer 37.

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