"I hate these fucking robots."
Tommy when fighting Drones. [src]

Drones are flying robots that maintain and repair the mechanical parts of The Sphere. They're also equipped with some ranged weapons to repel intruders.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The drones seem to have their own system for navigating around the Sphere, with doorways specifically designed for them. Some of them will attack on sight, while others will be busy doing maintenance labors and won't attack unless provoked. They seem to be one of the few enemies in the game that is completely inorganic in nature.

Drones have several weapons, such as the ability to release a cluster of small, slow moving missiles with limited homing ability, or a slow moving, large, red, flashing grenade of sorts. While their weaponry tends to be slow, it can do a fair amount of damage; taking your eyes off a Drone can lead to rapid death on higher difficulty levels.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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