The planet Earth is the homeworld of the Human race, initially the world was barren but the world was seeded by the Keepers for the purpose of harvesting the life for food or whatever purpose it desired. The Earth is present in both Prey and Prey (2017).


Entertainment is an important aspect of human culture upon earth. Games, music, and radio are important

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Music plays an important role in earth's society and economy. There are a number of bands who have commercially released albums of songs. Jukeboxes are often used to play music. Also important to note is the vast array of small bands that do not have particular notoriety but still play music at more local establishments.


Humans use radio transmissions for entertainment purposes. One known talk radio entertainer was Art Bell who through various phone calls likely became the human (along with his listeners) most knowledgeable about the Sphere without actually having been abducted.


It appears that some phone lines exist simply to satisfy innate sexual desires in humans, one of note was a Viking chatline.


There are many types of alcoholic beverages, hammered ale, ryan red, quinns Irish whiskey, royal pain are some specific examples. Several breweries for alcoholic beverages exist on the earth to provide these type of drinks, bowmen brewing co. (loc. Boston Massachusetts), keyhole brewery (loc. Madison Wisconsin).


There are many specific locations on earth, Jen's bar the Roadhouse, and Rhinehearts Private School are some examples. As well there was many places being monitored by the Sphere because of their high population, or as the Sphere phrases it a "concentrated protein populace."


School buses, trucks, planes, and jeeps.

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Earth is featured in Prey (2017). In the post-credit scene it is revealed that the Typhon have overrun Earth and humanity is at the brink of extinction. It shown that Coral is now all over the world.

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