"You may call me Elhuit. We are the Hidden."
Elhuit after meeting Tommy. [src]

Elhuit is the Hidden's leader, and apparently some form of priestess. She appears in Prey.

History Edit

Before the Sphere Edit

Not much is known about Elhuit past, before being kidnapped by the Sphere. Once on the vessel, Elhuit and other humans kidnapped by the Sphere, formed a society, called the Hidden and vowed to escape from the Sphere by any means necessary. From the technology found on the vessel they start to build a portal, that leads to Earth. To finish the portal, they need to analyze Keeper brain. The task proves to be impossible as the creature is too powerful to dealt with.

Prey Edit

When Elhuit hears about kidnapped human, that Sphere denizens have difficulty to dealt with, she meets him. When met, she explains to Tommy, that like him, they were to kidnapped from Earth and are trying to escape ever since. Elhuit makes a deal with Tommy to kill the Keeper and this way return home. Later the Keeper finds and attacks Elhuit and the Hidden, trying to destroy the portal device. Elhuit contacts Tommy, but before she can finish talking to him, transmission is cut. When Tommy gets to Elhuit, she is badly hurt, after the attack of the Keeper. Tommy leaves Jen with Elhuit and runs off to fight the Sphere forces. Six months after Spheres destruction, Elhuit visits Tommy. She explains they managed to escape through their portal device. The portal didn't lead to Earth but some where else and there, they were saved by powerful beings. She is last seen informing him that while his own world remains ignorant of his actions, others in the galaxy have taken noticed, and desire to meet him.

Personality and skills Edit

Elhuit is a wise leader and keeper of knowledge. She acts as a guiding presence to Tommy in several parts of the game. Elhuit seems to be capable of spirit walking, and is equipped with a device capable of harnessing her spirit energy to form portals connecting distant space.

Trivia Edit

  • It seems that Elhuit and the rest of the Hidden didn't knew about existence of Mother and thought that The Keeper is the controller of the Sphere.