Escape in the Shuttle is an escape objective in Mooncrash. It is the second escape objective to be unlocked. Joan Winslow must complete this objective to unlock her story mission, A Little Bird Told Me.

Overview Edit

There's a shuttle off the Crew Annex I could use to get off the moonbase, but not until I figure out how to fly the thing.

Objectives Edit

  • Get to the shuttle
  • Pilot the shuttle (Crew Annex)

Walkthrough Edit

After succeeding in the first run with Andrius Alekna, the simulation undergoes some major changes in the second run. The Corruption Meter and the Moon Shark are introduced, the other areas of the moonbase are unlocked, and the other escape objectives begin to come into play. Joan Winslow first obtains this objective by listening to the TranScribe recording Moon Sharks and Typhon Gates, found on the body of Johannes Kruse unmistakably located right in front of the entrance into the central crater.

After listening to the TranScribe, the player must enter the Crew Annex and make their way to the shuttle, located behind a Typhon Gate on the Administrative Level of the Annex. All around the shuttle are bodies of employees, killed by Mimics while attempting to evacuate. Inside the shuttle and its cargo hold are several loot crates, a Mimic, and the bodies of Louis Sullivan Jr and pilots Sam Lopez and Ramon Delgado. Listening to the recording Piloting Connectome found on Ramon's body will update the player with the objective to find Angela Wagner, who has a Connectome of Ramon that she has previously used to learn his piloting skills, and that will be used by the player to do the same. Angela Wagner can be found in a random location in any of the three locations other than the Crew Annex; for this reason, it is recommended to use the Security Station nearby to track her. After finding and looting her, a Neuromod must be either found or fabricated to install the Piloting ability. Once the Neuromod has been installed, all that is left is to return to the Crew Annex, hop in the shuttle cockpit, and get off the moon.