Everything You Know is About to Change is a main story quest in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

January contacted me again when I reached the foyer of the Neuromod Division. An actual Neuromod was placed where the display model used to be. I picked it up in hopes of gaining some sort of edge over the Typhon organisms

Objectives Edit

  • Pick up the Neuromod.

Walkthrough Edit

Back by where you picked up the GLOO Cannon, there’s a security room that requires Hacking I to get into. If you use the Neuromod you just picked up to unlock that skill, you can get inside for a weapon upgrade kit (that you can’t use until you unlock the Gunsmith or Lab Tech skills later). Since you can’t do anything with it yet, and because there’s nothing else inside the room, we really can’t recommend doing this. But, you can come back later, and knowing it’s there is going to give you an edge.

When you’re ready, head through the door with the big green button to enter the Main Lobby. Turn left once you’re past the loading screen, and loot the corpse. There are two more Neuromods in the briefcase on the couch.

Continue into the Main Lobby and head down the stairs on your right.