Excavation is the first episode of the handheld game Prey Invasion. At the beginning Tommy falls asleep at the wheel of his jeep and crashes into a canyon.

Valley BottomEdit


Area Contents : 6 Giant Crawlers, 2 Fodder

The very beginning of the game, Tommy's Jeep is visible at the beginning. Here Tommy encounters his first enemies and he is launched into his strange journey.

Desert WatchEdit


Area Contents : 2 Giant Crawlers, 2 Fodder

Tommy Continues to fight through aliens using only his wrench, here he is his first encounter with the dreaded feral beasts known as the "Fodder"



Area Contents : 1 Hunter Rifle, 2 Giant Crawlers, 3 Fodder

Here Tommy finally gets his hands on his first piece of alien weaponry, allowing him to easily cut through the threats of this area with little effort.



Area Contents : 2 Giant Crawler, 3 Fodder

As the player reaches this area it will be noticed that there is a native American structure, this is the outside of Enisi's tomb. Here is where things begin to change in the story!

Enisi's TombEdit


Room Contents : 1 Spirit Bow, 2 Giant Crawlers, 2 Fodder

Now everything changes in the story, Enisi contacts Tommy from the spirit realm and Tommy gets his spiritual powers (including his spirit bow) which enable Tommy to better defeat the aliens.

Hidden WreckageEdit


Area Contents : 2 Hound, 2 Crawlers, 1 Force Field, 1 Switch

Here the player will first encounter the dreaded hound, and pick up his first crawler grenades. To leave this level and move onto comm room (primal fear) Tommy must spirit walk to pass through a force field (the only such instance of a force field in the game)

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