Franklin Goode is a scientist working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Franklin Goode was a test coordinator for Artax Propulsion System working in the Hardware Labs. He starts the project to create the Huntress Boltcaster and recruits Mary Malinaro and Clive Lawrence to help. The trio successfully create the toy crossbow and a plan is made to play an assassin-style game in the Arboretum and Crew Quarters. Jorgen Thorstein notices that Franklin spends a lot of time on personal projects and recreation, and suspects he may use the Artax Propulsion System to access unauthorized areas. He enlists Thaddeus York to watch Franklin.

Prey (2017) Edit

His corpse is found on a conveyor in Hardware Labs, carrying three EMP Charges (two laying near his body and one in his inventory), broken cooler fan and spare parts. These items suggest that he was trying to fix a cooler fan when Corrupted Operators found and killed him.

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  • Franklin writes an entry in Clive's engineering workbook that says Mary will never give Clive the time of day even if he improves her Huntress Boltcaster design. This implies Franklin and Clive may both have feelings for Mary.
  • Franklin's rejected name idea for the Huntress was "Excruciator".

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