The GLOO Turret is an automated Turret in Prey: Mooncrash.

Overview Edit

The GLOO turrets function just like the normal turrets from Prey (2017). The main difference is that they shoot GLOO instead of bullets.

Description Edit


Testing log #1008-010435

Product: Eradicator Auto-Turret

Observer: Joan Winslow

Great. Another Talos firmware update, another major bug. My babies are wound so tight now, I'm surprised they didn't fill me full of holes. It's going to be weeks before I can fix these geniuses' so-called improvements. Going to have to send a memo out warning securtiy to avoid deploying them for the time being.


I've been fiddling around with attaching one of those GLOO Guns the eggheads on Talos sent me, and I think i might be on to something here. Would certainly make anyone who gets shot accidently a lot more grateful with the way these turrets have been acting up.


Mostly a nuisance if they decide I'm an enemy, but could be pretty good for immobilizing Typhon.

Usage Edit

Just like the GLOO Cannon, the turret can only be used to trap hostiles, making it easier to deal with them. If playing Riley Yu and have unlocked Mimic Matter tier 2, you are able to mimic the turret and use it as a way to put out fires if a GLOO Cannon is unavailable.


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