"Believe me. Everything we've done is perfectly legal."
Hans Kelstrup talking to Annalise Gallegos [src]

Hans Kelstrup is the director of Psychotronics working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Hans Kelstrup was the director of Psychotronics division aboard Talos I. He notably had to deal with Annalise Gallegos's worries about their experiments on volunteers and Mikhaila Ilyushin trying to get a listening device to Psychotronics.

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Morgan Yu finds Kelstrup's corpse in his office near a broken junction box, suggesting it to be his cause of death. Kelstrup had a habit to hide Neuromods in his office, which Alex expresses to have been aware about. He carries a test tube sample, keycard to his cabin and keycard to his office.

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  • "Hans Kelstrup" could be an a play on words for "Heinz Ketchup," a brand of ketchup.

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