Human Harvest is the third episode of Prey Invasion.

Reactor Floor IEdit


Room Contents : 1 Health Spore, 1 Mutate

Reactor Floor I has little of note in it, but the room is very important to the overall game experience, it is how the player travels to the canyon (thus the end of the game) the reactor in the room is presumably part of what powers the base.

Gangway 2Edit


Room Contents : 1 Ammo, 1 Mutate

Not much to note in this room, a mutate appears out of thin air, and there is am ambient railway with moving cargo, note the cargo on the railway continues to move when the game is paused.

Reactor Floor IIEdit


Room Contents : 2 Harvesters

This small serves little to no purpose in the overall game, there is little to look at. The reactor here seems to be connected to the one in Reactor Floor I and is presumably the power source of the facility.

Ship's CommandEdit


Room Contents : 1 Fodder, 1 Mutate, 1 Auto Cannon

This room appears to be a pseudo command center for the alien base, there is a singel fodder and a single mutate. This is the room where the Auto Cannon is obtained. Beware the mutate here is particularly strong and possesses the ability to spit explosive vomit.

Anterum CenturionEdit


Room Contents : 2 Hunters, 2 Crawlers.

Not much of note in the room aside from the hunters and the crawlers. The room does contain some bit of story, some confusing dialogue from Jen. Attached to the ceiling of the room appears to be some horrible device filled with human bodies.



Room Contents : 1 Centurion, 1 Health Spore.

This room functions as a pseudo boss level. Here the player will likely fight their first centurion. The Centurion must be fought to reach "sector one (vengeance)" so they can extend the bridge across the canyon.

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