The Huntress Boltcaster is a harmless "weapon" found on Talos I during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

The Huntress Boltcaster is a plastic toy crossbow that can be found on Talos I. It feeds from a 10-round detachable magazine and fires safe Nerf-style foam darts that deal no damage to Typhon or machinery, and sometimes make a squeaky sound on impact or when picked up.

It is found in the Talos I Lobby Sales Division behind Kelly Randolph's desk. Fabrication plans for it can be found on terminals throughout the station, including Neuromod Division level 1, locked in Caleb Hawethorne's terminal in Research and Design. Conversations on terminals show that a fairly large contingent of the Talos I crew was interested in playing around with it.

The Huntress Boltcaster does not accept Weapon Upgrade Kits.

Usage Edit

While the Boltcaster deals no damage and may at first seem to be a joke weapon, the impact of the bolts does make sound and can be used for luring or distracting Typhon organisms. It can also be used to activate out of reach buttons (such as door overrides) and screens: some doors in the game can only be opened this way without the use of Typhon Neuromods. While the darts deal no direct damage, the impact alone will kill a Cystoid and rupture a Cystoid Nest.

The FlexiFoam Bolts seem to be indestructible, even surviving Cystoid explosions without being destroyed, and can be retrieved after firing. The fabrication plan for FlexiFoam Bolts is found in the Repair Bay of the Hardware Labs, on a computer near to where the Artax Propulsion System fabrication plan is acquired.

Material Yield: Synthetic icon 0.75

Dismantle results: 1 Spare Part

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