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"'This place' is my home. My job is here. My family is here. Do you think you're saving me by taking me away?"
Jen to Tommy about leaving the reservation. [src]

Jen was a Cherokee and the girlfriend of Domasi "Tommy" Tawodi. She owns a Roadhouse and tries to live on her tribe's reservation.



At the start of the game, Tommy tries convince Jen to leave the reservation with him, if only for couple of days. But she refuses, steadfastly saying that this is her home and she doesn't want to leave. On the Sphere, she, as everyone else, is captured and Tommy tries to save her. Tommy manages to reach and save her. Together they go to help the Hidden, against Keeper and Sphere forces. Once there, Jen is kidnapped by a flying Harvester. Tommy manages to find her again, this time in a strange pod where she is unable to feel her legs, according to what she says. The pod opens and Tommy finds out why: her torso has been surgically grafted to a vaguely reptile-like beast, resulting in a singular creature, very similar to a Creature X, named appropriately, Girlfriend X. Jen is unable to control the creature so Tommy, not seeing any other way, kills her.


After a long battle, Tommy finally killed the creature. Jen was still alive, and begged for Tommy to send her to Unequa. Tommy does so and she dies. At the end of the game she is seen together with Enisi in The Land of The Ancients.

Personality and skills[]

Jen shows unwavering belief in her heritage. This is shown by her love for her land, and when captured she prays almost continuously to Unequa. During her agony, she asks Tommy to send her to Unequa.

In the Land of the Ancients, Jen soothes Tommy by saying she is "among brothers" in the land, and will wait and will watch over him until it is his time and they can be together again.


Girlfriend X uses two Leech Guns to attack. Sunbeam and plasma shots are the only ones the creature uses. The creature is also very agile and can charge Tommy. When fighting Girlfriend X, what you need to do is whittle the beast's health bar down far enough for its Leech Gun arms to detach. They then become vulnerable healing nodes. Open fire on these nodes, as they are the key to defeating the boss. Once both Leech Gun arms are destroyed, Girlfriend X can no longer heal. Pummel her with your weapon of choice -- after the Auto Cannon is depleted, Acid Sprayer is good alternative (especially secondary fire). Keeping your distance is essential.