Kevin Hague is a security officer working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Kevin Hague was assigned to the Talos I Lobby. He was a crew relations officer. During Gustav Leitner's visit to Talos I, he was responsible for the VIP's guest services and security. According to Sarah Elazar, Leitner praised him specifically for his services, which netted him a bonus for his next pay cycle.

During the outbreak, he and the rest of the surviving Lobby security followed Chief Elazar to regroup in the Cargo Bay.

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Morgan Yu finds Hague in the Cargo Bay together with other outbreak survivors. Along with Alfred Rose, Sam Hertz, Darcy Maddox, Austin Cool, Tamiko Hayashi, and Chief Elazar, Hague assists in the mission Cargo Bay Defenses.

Hague asks Morgan to find his wife Nicole, whom he thinks may be trapped in the Crew Quarters. Unfortunately, she has already been killed and turned into a Phantom when he makes the request. Morgan can collect Nicole's wedding ring from her remains and return it to Kevin, an effort which he appreciates.

After doing him this favor, Kevin apologizes to Morgan. He explains that at some point after Morgan disappeared into Psychotronics, Sarah Elazar had him discreetly investigate why. Kevin learned about the experiment loop in the sim lab, but he didn't consider that Morgan was being held against their will until later on. When the true situation became clear he and Elazar prepared to intervene, but before they could take action the Typhon broke containment. Kevin states he deeply regrets not realizing that Morgan needed help sooner, and that he should have rescued them.

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