"All right! This'll rock some shit!"
Tommy [src]

Leech Gun is weapon found by Tommy in level Second Chances during the events of Prey.

Overview Edit

A powerful and very versatile weapon. Ammo is gained by using the secondary fire to draw energy from nodes found throughout the Sphere. Different nodes make the gun take on different properties:

  • Plasma (red glow): Rapidly fires fast-moving energy balls. Very high rate of fire. Low damage per shot. High capacity. Moderate damage per second. Short to medium range. Ideal for moderate amount of generic enemies at close/medium ranges.
  • Frost (light-blue glow): Continuously emits short ranged freezing cloud. Constant rate of fire. Moderate/high damage per second. Short range. Slows enemies, freezing them. Ideal for close range situations with many generic enemies.
  • Lightning (white sparks): Fires a directional bolt of electrical energy. One or two shots kill most enemies, even bosses. Medium/slow rate of fire. Medium/low capacity. Very high damage per shot.  High damage per second. High range. Ideal for dealing with low amount of high-level enemies or basic bosses at any range, except close (depends on aiming skills).
  • Sunbeam (orange glow): Continuously emits long range incandescent beam. Pushes player back while firing.  Constant rate of fire. Medium ammo capacity. High/very high damage per second. High range. Ideal for any situation.

Usage Edit

Because of its versatility, the Leech Gun looks clumsy but it works well in any situation. The only thing that holds it down is ammunition consumption and specific ammo node placement.

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