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Last Call is the first level of Prey and serves as a prologue to the game.


A normal night at the bar for Tommy, his girlfriend and his grandfather turns into a nightmare as they're abducted by hostile aliens.


The game starts in the toilet where Tommy talks to the mirror that he wants to take Jen out of the reservation. Then he leaves the toilet to meet Jen. On the way he meets Enisi who wants to warn him but he doesn't listen to him. He goes to the bar where Jen is serving Chuck & Dalton. After that a fight breaks out in which Tommy defeats Chuck & Dalton. Then they are all are abducted by The Sphere.


Visual Walkthrough


  • You can play with all slots machines, interact with TV and even choose a song from the jukebox.
  • The TV plays two classic films: the first one is Duck and Cover civil defense movie and the second one is Killers from Space, movie widely credited with spawning the alien abduction craze.
  • The song "Don't Fear the Reaper' by Blue Oyster Cult starts to play when abducting begins.
  • This is the first level where Hunters are encountered but not fought.
  • A fully playable Pac-Man-style game called Rune Man appears referring to a previous game by Human Head entitled Rune.
  • The start of the level bares some similarities to the start of Silent Hill 2. In both games, the game starts with our hero in the bathroom, looking at the mirror after washing their faces.


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