Escape Velocity is the second level of Prey.

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Aboard alien craft, Tommy must find a way to save himself and those that he loves.


The level start with Tommy, Enisi and Jen being deposit from the abducter onto the Sphere. He sees for a brief moment Earth. The a wild ride begins which carries Tommy and others into the Sphere. On the way he sees other captives. The Tommy watch as some strange guy plants a bomb. Jen then starts praying. After she finishes her pray, a bomb explodes sabotaging and freeing him out of captivite. Tommy then falls in a somekind organic tunnel. He then ventures along till he find a Fodder.

Armed only with wrench he attacks and kills fodder. As Tommy explores the sphere he sees a man which tells him to follow him. . He kills even more fodders but as he reaches the man hes already dead. Tommy then goes to another room where he for mmoment feels disoriented. He reaches a somekind control room on the way seeing a hunter with the hound. After Tommy heads right a hound jumps out but he is locked. He goes to another portal where fodders attacks him. Tommy then see as a man is killed by a strange alien machine.Finally he sees Jen being transported to unknown location. He then goes to another room.

To his horror he sees in Enisi in the same alien machine who killed man inside it. Tommy tries to find a way to save him but Enisi tells to let him die and travel to The Land of The Ancients. After that Enisi is killed by the machine. Another man appears and opens this portal for Tommy, before warning that the hunters will soon arrive. After the bars slide away, Tommy hop through the portal ending the level.

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Visual Walkthrough


  • The intro segment is highly reminiscent of Citadel pod ride segment from Half-Life 2.
  • Hound is seen for the first time.
  • Enisi dies in this level.
  • Fodders are seen and fought for the first time.
  • Hiders are seen for the first time.

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