Downward Spiral is the third level of Prey.

Synopsis Edit

Tommy journeys deeper into the Sphere, encountering out of this world technology and creatures.

Storyline Edit

Tommy continues his journey, encountering hunters along the way. After killing one hunter, Tommy takes it's gun. Navigating the corridors of the Sphere, Tommy hears an Art Bell radio show broadcast. In it, caller George from Garland, Texas is abducted by the Sphere live on air. Later Tommy finds few crawler grenades and a strange rock in a box. After he dealt with new groups of hunters, hounds, fodders and few abductees, Tommy crosses rickety bridge. The bridge lets loose and Tommy falls. Tommy then hears Enisi as maelstrom of light swarms around him and the level ends.

Walkthrough Edit

Visual Walkhrough

Trivia Edit

  • First health basin appears in this level.
  • Tommy gains Hunter Rifle.
  • Crawlers make debut in this level.

Gallery Edit

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