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Second Chances is the fifth level of Prey.


After returning from the death, Tommy continues his journey to reach Jen.


The level starts with Tommy appearing in another room. A mutilated human approaches but Tommy quikly kills him. Mother again talks to Tommy about how humans are a mystery. After that he walks through a tunnel until he reaches a force shield. He spirit walks to open it. Tommy continues till a dead body falls from above. Then a man from another tunnel warns about enemies ahead and runs away. Tommy then reaches another force shield and with help of the spirit walk turns it off. He journeys on and walks on anti-gravity platform.

Then a pair of hunters attack him. After killing them Tommy finds a leech gun and uses it to kill more hunters. He reaches a chamber with children in it. Then one of them is possessed by a wraith and violently kills another kid. Mother tells that they were no wraiths before he returned from the death world. Then Tommy reaches the bar who is now constricted into the Sphere. After killing two waves of hunters a portal opens and the level ends.


Visual Walkthrough


  • In this level you get the Leech Gun.
  • Tommy returns to now nearly destroyed bar.
    • Two Hunters can be seen fiddling with the music player, eventually choosing to play Living After Midnight by Judas Priest.
  • Wraiths appear for the first time.
  • Barracuda by Heart can be heard in the bar area.


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