All Fall Down is the sixth level of Prey.

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Tommy encounters more obstacles on his way to Jen.


Level starts with Tommy seeing Jen pleading for help. He tries to follow her but is attacked by a hunter. Tommy reaches a walkway and a hunter attacks him. After that he finds a room full of humans in some sort of stasis. He breaks the membrane which was holding the door and goes through them. Then another hunter attacks him. He reaches a man who is listening to Art Bell. A caller tells that his daughter is acting strangely and her eyes is glowing. He tells that he is locked in the bathroom by his daughter. After that Tommy is attacked by a couple hunters. He enters a crawlspace and a hound suddenly attacks. He falls through a hole in to another corridor.

Tommy hears a child scream and then body parts fall from above. He follows through tunnel and another hound attacks. He finally reaches the bathroom where the game began. Tommy rides an elevator and after he exits, he sees a plane beamed up by a green light and sending a distress message. After going through another door, a wraith possessed child spirit attacks Tommy. He then reaches stairs and is attacked by a huge wave of children possessed wraiths. Finally after proceeding a hallway, a portal opens finishing the level.

Walkthrough Edit

Visual Walkthrough


  • In this level you fight wraiths possessed children for the first time.
  • Talon translates various monitor sayings like "Protein is for Mother" or "Organic Debris Collection Area".
  • You see Seajay Air 6401 plane for the first time.
  • You can hear possessed kids singing "Ring Around the Rosie" song.
  • It seems wraiths possessing children is not confined by Sphere only, as on Earth one of Art Bell's callers daughter showed the characteristics of wraith possession.
  • Draw Poker machine returns in this level.
  • One of the screens on the Sphere shows concentrated protein populace of Los Angeles.

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