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Crash Landing is the seventh level of Prey.


Tommy must navigate the remains of a crashed airliner to reach Jen.


Tommy navigates deeper into the Sphere encountering more and more resistance. Along the way he finds now crashed airliner and new enemy type - Gasbags. He encounters a hysterical airliner passenger who quickly closes the door after seeing Tommy. As he continues on he finds medical scans of Jen and surveillance images of himself. After few waves of enemies and a tricky puzzle, Tommy hears another part of Art Bells show. After that Tommy activates a console and exits through a blue portal finishing the level.


Visual Walkthrough


  • Gasbags are encountered for the first time in this level.
  • One of the screens on the Sphere reveal another concentrated protein populace, this time New York.
  • Seajay Air 6401 is seen again, now in a crashed state and without any passengers left on it.
  • Another clip of Art Bell's show is heard. This time a caller from Lubbock, Texas assure Art Bell that the strange lights in the sky are actually real.


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