Sacrifices is the eighth level of Prey.

Synopsis Edit

Tommy faces his first boss.

Storyline Edit

The level begins with Tommy encountering multiple mutilated humans working on panels and a fodder. After finding the code for the keypad, a portal opens and Tommy goes through it. After stepping through the portal Tommy passes a blood-splattered school bus. He tries to go to another portal but the portal suddenly closes, lights turn-off, school bus starts to glow and wraith possessed children attack Tommy. After surviving the attack, Tommy encounters multiple hostiles. Along the few Tommy finds multiple deceased human bodies.

After getting a dismembered hunters hand to pass a hunter hand-print needing door, Tommy sees as a fellow human is brutally killed by a new enemy type - Centurion. The first boss battle begins and Tommy fights the Centurion. During the fight, Tommy manages to cut one of Centurions Auto-Cannons and uses it against it. After defeating the Centurion, Tommy continues his journey onto wallwalks, encountering multiple hunters along the way. Another batch of hunters appear but are quickly killed by explosion made by the hidden. Tommy finds another portal and after dodging few grenades lobbed by a harvester, hears Enisi calling him.

Walkthrough Edit

Visual Walkthrough

Trivia Edit

  • First boss is encountered in this level - the Centurion.
  • Tommy gains Auto-Cannon.
  • The Black Jack machine, previously seen in the bar, is found in working condition.
  • An abducted school bus is seen in this level.

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