Oath of Vengeance is the twentieth level of Prey.

Synopsis Edit

Tommy seeks guidance from Enisi in order to stop the Mother.

Storyline Edit

Tommy travels to the Land of the Ancients and meets Enisi. He asks for his grandfather's training so that he may exact vengeance. Enisi agrees. Tommy then heads out to complete the seven trials for the clans. On his way he takes a peace pipe that increases his health pool. Suddenly Mother contacts him and begins her invasion of land. Tommy then finds Enisi shielding from Centurion attack. Before disappearing, Enisi tells him to go to the metal world and battle the dark ones. Tommy then fights off Sphere denizens before hopping through a portal.

Walkthrough Edit

Visual Walkthrough

Trivia Edit

  • It's never revealed what are the seven trials for the clans, which Tommy had to do.
  • First appearance of the peace pipe, outside the multiplayer.

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