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Mother's Embrace is the twenty second and the last level of Prey.


Tommy faces the toughest battle in his life as he confronts the Mother.


Tommy gets inside a shuttle and uses it to destroy the inner shell containing Mother. He then confronts her. Mother reveals to once been human. Like Tommy, she was harvested by the Sphere, but she managed to fight her way to the main chamber. The former controller of the Sphere offered to spare her people if she took over. Mother agreed and became the new controller. Tommy then attacks her protective shell. After destroying it, Talon flies inside and transports both of them to another realm. There Mother offers her place, but Tommy denies the offer and begins to battle her. After some close calls, Tommy manages to defeat her.

As she dies, a burst of light engulfs Tommy and when vision is restored, Tommy finds himself inside the Mother's den with reams of data overwhelming him, making him numb with power. His grandfather, Enisi, contacts him from the spirit realm and tells him that such power is only an illusion, as the price is greater than what he has gained, and that he needs to look in his heart and make the right decision. Tommy heeds his grandfather's words and drives the Sphere straight into the Sun, and ends up in the land of the ancients to see Enisi and Jen once more. Knowing that when it is his time he will see them both again, Tommy goes back to Earth.

Six months later, Tommy finds himself in a rebuilt Roadhouse, apparently not yet open to the public. The official story is that people, buildings and objects vanished because of an unknown, unexplained natural phenomenon. He turns around and sees Elhuit. She and the surviving Hiders had escaped through their own portal machine just before Tommy plunged the Sphere into the sun. She tells him that while people on Earth do not know of the great deed he has done, there are those "elsewhere" who have taken notice and want to meet him. Elhuit opens up a portal and Tommy walks through it. 


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  • Mother is fought in this level.


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