Leverage is ability gained through neuromods in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Leverage is ability that lets Morgan to pick up heavy objects in the environment to clear a path or weaponize the object by tossing it at a foe. The ability is extremely useful when dealing with weaker Typhon or wanting to save on ammo and gaining access to where the area was closed by heavy objects to get early fabrication plan.

Lower levels of Leverage can be used to throw objects to move obstructions, such as using a Leverage II object to push a Leverage III object out of the way. Larger Leverage objects can also be used to push NPC's out of the player's way by placing the object at their feet.

Tiers Edit

Tier I Edit

Neuromods required - 1

Lift heavy objects with ease and throw objects further. Thrown objects will damage enemies.

Tier II Edit

Neuromods required - 4

Lift even heavier objects and throw objects even further. Thrown objects will damage enemies. 

Tier III Edit

Neuromods required - 6

Lift anything that isn't bolted to the floor and throw objects even further. Your brute strength can be applied to force open an unpowered door. 

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