A Material Recycler is a device in the 2017 Prey that lets Morgan recycle any objects they find on Talos I into raw materials. These can then be used for crafting items in the Fabricator.

Overview Edit

Recyclers are large machines found throughout Talos I. The Recycler consists of a bin for material to be recycled on the left side, a central screen with a button to activate the machine and a display of what the products will be, and a bin on the right side where the raw material products are dumped after the machine has finished working. There is a conduit on the left side of the machine that may require repairing before it can be used.

Junk items are solely used for recycling, and have no other purpose, and can be quick-added to the Recycler by holding down a button. Almost any other inventory item can be recycled, though some quest items will be locked, showing a red X on the recycler menu indicating they cannot be placed in it. The Recycler is thus a good way to dispose of duplicate weapons or excess items

Recycling as often as possible is a good way to consolidate unneeded loot and free up inventory space, as all raw Material stacks into only 4 inventory slots (one for each Material type: Organic, Mineral, Synthetic, and Exotic).

Trivia Edit

  • When the game was initially released, an exploit allowed the production of unlimited materials by recycling raw materials: separating the same type of material into multiple slots in the Recycler would double the amount of material produced. This was fixed in patch 1.02, whereupon another exploit was immediately discovered: if materials were divided into less than 1.00 material per slot and then the game quicksaved and quickloaded before using the machine, the game would round the result up to 1.00 material per slot, potentially allowing the 48 slots in the Recycler to turn 0.48 material into 48 material. This was fixed in patch 1.04.

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