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Mimic Matter is a Typhon Neuromod ability in Prey (2017).


Mimic Matter is an ability in the Morph tab. It allows Morgan Yu to transform into non-living objects in the same manner as a Typhon Mimic. While mimicking objects, Psi is drained at a constant rate. While in this form, Morgan can move around the environment, solve puzzles and even use other abilities. Mimic Matter is learned by scanning normal and Greater Mimics. As long as Morgan stays still, enemies will not be able to find them.

The power is used by holding the button down and highlighting a desired object: if it is something Morgan can transform into, they will become a copy of that object at their current location when the button is released. While an object, Morgan can move by tumbling around or sliding along the floor, and jump a short distance into the air.

Using Mimic Matter on a small object allows Morgan to squeeze through small openings or windows to access areas that would otherwise require other skills to enter, such as locked security booths or barricaded entrances. In particular, there are a couple of areas blocked by broken door slats that cannot be passed in any other way.

Operators and turrets, which can be mimicked with the higher-level versions of this power, work a little differently to standard objects. While mimicking one of these, Morgan's health is disregarded and all damage is dealt to the chassis of the mimicked object instead. If it is destroyed, Morgan is forced to revert to their normal form. The mimicked chassis has the same vulnerabilities as the regular version, in particular being vulnerable to being disabled by electrical attacks. Thankfully, Morgan cannot be controlled by a Technopath while mimicking a machine.

Operators and turrets also have on-board weapons which Morgan can use while mimicking them: these have infinite ammunition, but have a short delay before firing while the camera angle shifts to an "aim" view. While controlling a normal Operator, Morgan will have the armament of the Corrupted Operator variant.

One final advantage of mimicking an Operator is that Morgan gains the ability to hover freely around the environment, allowing for easy exploration.

When mimicking a machine, the current state of the machine is disregarded: attempting to mimic a destroyed Operator will result in Morgan turning into an intact one.

Using Mimic Matter in front of friendly Humans will cause them to go hostile.

Enemies at range do not seem to react to the player's Mimicked turret fire unless they get within a certain range. This can be exploited to slowly wittle down tough enemies like Technopaths at long range to save ammo, at the cost of PSI points. This includes a Nightmare searching for the player but not actively trying to attack.

Ability tiers[]

Tier I[]

Neuromods required: 2

Scannable targets: Greater Mimic and Mimic

Tier I of Mimic Matter lets Morgan turn into most inert items.

Tier II[]

Neuromods required: 4

Scannable targets: Mimic

Tier II of Mimic Matter lets Morgan turn into slightly more complex machines, like turrets.

Tier III[]

Neuromods required: 5

Scannable targets: Mimic

Tier III of Mimic Matter lets Morgan turn into complex machines, like Operators.


  • If a Mimics notices the transformed version of Morgan (which is possible if they move within sight of the Mimic), the Mimic will come up to Morgan and attempt their own transformation upon the mimicked entity that Morgan resides in. This will always fail and instead cause Morgan to be forced out of mimicry with the Mimic being untransformed and hostile. It's uncertain whether this is simply due to the Mimic wanting to transform what it sees as an interesting object, or it's aware that something's amiss and is attempting the mimicry as an offensive measure.


  • Attempting to use the attack feature while in the form of a Medical Operator may cause a memory error and force the game to close to desktop.