Mimic Matter is a Typhon Neuromod ability in Prey (2017).


Mimic Matter is an ability in the Morph tab. It is generally the first Typhon ability most players will unlock. Mimic Matter allows Morgan Yu transform into objects, like a cup or a trash can, similar to a Typhon Mimic. While mimicking objects, Psi is drained at a constant rate. While in this form, Morgan can move around the environment, solve puzzles and even use other abilities. Mimic Matter is learned by scanning normal and Greater Mimics. As long as Morgan stays still, enemies will not be able to find them.

Mimic Matter allows Morgan to squeeze through small openings or windows to access areas that would otherwise require other skills to enter, such as locked security booths or barricaded entrances.

While disguised as complex machines, such as Operators or turrets, Morgan will inherit that object's health. When this health is depleted, Morgan will be forced out of mimicry.

Ability tiersEdit

Tier I Edit

Neuromods required: 2

Scannable targets: Greater Mimic and Mimic

Tier I of Mimic Matter lets Morgan turn into small items, like a cup.

Tier II Edit

Neuromods required: 4

Scannable targets: Mimic

Tier II of Mimic Matter lets Morgan turn into slightly more complex machines, like turrets.

Tier III Edit

Neuromods required: 5

Scannable targets: Mimic

Tier III of Mimic Matter lets Morgan turn into complex machines, like Operators.

Trivia Edit

  • If a Mimics notices the transformed version of Morgan (which is possible if they move within sight of the Mimic), the Mimic will come up to Morgan and attempt their own transformation upon the mimicked entity that Morgan resides in. This will always fail and instead cause Morgan to be forced out of mimicry with the Mimic being untransformed and hostile. It's uncertain whether this is simply due to the Mimic wanting to transform what it sees as an interesting object, or it's aware that something's amiss and is attempting the mimicry as an offensive measure.
  • When mimicking using a broken machine, Morgan will become a functioning version of that machine.


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