MoonWorks is an area featured in Prey (2017)'s Mooncrash downloadable content.

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MoonWorks is the oldest part of Pytheas, being an expansion of the original moonbase's helium mining operations. In addition to mining, maintenance and life support are also centered here.

MoonWorks features the Mass Driver, a cannon designed for launching cargo crates into space out to Talos I or Earth.

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Lower Level Edit

  • Central Mine
  • Decommissioned Crater Access
  • Escape Pod Foyer
  • Engineering Annex OR Storage Room OR Trauma Center (random)
  • MoonWorks Maintenance
  • Refinery

Mid Level Edit

  • Brian Chung's Office
  • Joan Winslow's Office
  • Security Station
  • Support Systems
  • Tram Terminal

Upper Level Edit

Mass Driver Edit

  • Ai Mizuki's Office
  • Fueling Station
  • Shea Allen's Office

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