"Your life rests in my hands, as it has since you arrived in here."
Mother to Tommy. [src]

Mother is the controller of the Sphere and the main antagonist of Prey.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Mother's early life before becoming the Mother. Like Tommy she too was abducted and taken to the Sphere. She fought her way reaching the creature who was controlling the Sphere. The creature was old and tired so he made a deal with her to take his place as a new Mother. She chose to become the Mother and took control of the Sphere. After that for thousands of years, she controlled the Sphere.

The SphereEdit

During the game the Mother telepatically communicates with Tommy expressing her deep interest in him. She launches various enemies to kill Tommy. After that fails, she gives various challenges to test his "worth". She kidnaps Jen and turns her into Creature X, making Tommy fight her. After killing Jen and returning to Land of the Ancients, the land is invaded by Mother forces. At the very end of the game, Tommy finally comes face to face with Mother. She tells her story how she end up here as Mother and offers Tommy to take her place but he rejects it. Enraged, the Mother tries to kill him but fails and perishes in the process.

Personality and skillsEdit

Mother is cold, calculated and lacks any empathy to other creatures or even Sphere denizens. Mother seems to not care about any living creature living on the Sphere, even Keepers, as she killed dozens of them, as a sign of faith in Tommy, without any remorse or repercussions. The only thing she cares about is sustaining Sphere itself.

Over the course of the game, she express deep interest in Tommy, mainly because she wants him to replace her as controller of Sphere.

Mother can control anything that happens in the Sphere. She can open and close portals at will, and her authority is never questioned by her underlings. She is able to talk telepathically with Tommy, and summon creatures at her disposal

Design Edit

Mother possess grey skin and glowing eyes. She has numerous tubes connected to her stomach. Mother floats around in a jelly-insect like creature.

Boss Strategy Edit

During the first stage of the boss battle, she does little but summon Hunters to stop Tommy attacking the Sphere. Later, she is able to fly, and can throw homing mines that can attack Tommy at a distance. She also has a force field around her, that can only be taken down (for a limited time) with a strong enough explosion near her.

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