"What the hell? These things look part-human."
Tommy after witnessing Mutate. [src]

Mutate is hostile Sphere denizen that appears in Prey.

Overview Edit

Born of the melding of the DNA of human and alien victims of the living Sphere. The Mutate is a surprisingly nimble opponent despite its bulky frame, and possesses a massive claw that it uses to impale its enemies in a spinning attack. They have poor lateral agility so it is very easy to dodge them when they charge.

Design Edit

Mutate is made of two creatures. The left side is a chubby looking human that still has functional arm. The right side is reptile looking worm creature that has human-like teeth and mandibles. It also has a giant claw. Left Mutate's leg is reptile-like looking, while the right one still looks like a human one. Down the waist there are two containers with liquid inside of them connected to the Mutate.


  • In Prey Invasion a specific mutate demonstrates the ability to spit explosive vomit.
  • In Prey, you will meet your first Mutate on Level 13.