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The Neuromod Division is where all the Neuromod-related research is conducted aboard Talos I in Prey (2017).


Morgan Yu's apartment replica was made here and this is where you will start the game.

The Neuromod Division is made for the purposes of designing, testing, and manufacturing Neuromods. As a result, the atrium of the Division is made to impress potential customers and thus increase sales.

Skills used in Neuromods are recorded from VIPs such as Gustav Leitner in the Skill Recorder. The actual Neuromods are assembled in Fabrication using the skill templates and material from Psychotronics. These are then installed in the Volunteers for testing purposes.

Several months before the outbreak, a new project to create Neuromods with the psychic abilities of the Typhon was started. Morgan Yu volunteered to test the Neuromods, and had their memories wiped and was placed in the apartment simulation as a result.



Places of Interest[]

  • Fabrication
  • Research & Design
  • Skill Recorder
  • Simulation Lab
  • Volunteer Testing
  • Volunteer Quarters


Main Quest[]

Side Quest[]






Dr. Bellamy's Office[]


Halden Graves' Workstation[]
Rich Ivers' Workstation (use Disruptor to access)[]

Research & Design[]

Alice Aiken's Workstation[]
Caleb Hawethorne's Workstation[]
Jovan Gravilovic's Workstation[]

Security Station[]

Simulation Lab[]

Demetri Bowser's Workstation[]
Evelyn McCarthy's Workstation[]
Jiao-Long Heng's Workstation[]
Marco Simmons' Workstation[]
Morgan Yu's Apartment[]

Skill Recorder[]

Junior Bookman's Workstation[]

Volunteer Quarters[]

John Haskins' Workstation[]


Missing Personnel[]

A total of 20 missing TranStar crew and volunteers can be found here:

  • Divya Naaz
  • Evgeni Charzov (Volunteer)
  • Frederick Steele
  • Grete Mikkelsen
  • Hadley Dalton
  • Halden Graves
  • Helen Croft
  • Jiao-Long Heng
  • John Haskins
  • Joshua Vanstry
  • Jovan Gravilovic
  • Junior Bookman
  • Neno Nikolic (Volunteer)
  • Oscar Groysman (Volunteer)
  • Patricia Varma
  • Rich Ivers
  • Robert Gage
  • Tina Snow
  • Veer Singh
  • V-010255-01