Peter is the main protagonist of Prey: Mooncrash. He is a hacker employed by Kasma to spy on Transtar's Pytheas hidden facility on the moon. He was sent to investigate the place after it fell silent. However, he found himself fighting for survival against the Typhon.[1]

History Edit

It is unclear if Peter is an employee of KASMA or merely contracted by them. Although it is implied that he was took a Contract from Kasma because his family needed the money. His current mission is in space, where he receives a destroyed, dormant Operator. He plugs it in and runs a simulation of the Pytheas facility as seen through the eyes of five different employees of the station.

Peter has at least one daughter. He is sent a slideshow of his family by KASMA, which includes his daughter and an adult woman, possibly his wife.

When his pod is damaged, he must repair it. Peter then overhears a conversation between Basilisk, his handler, and Teddy, a KASMA executive. Here, it is revealed that Teddy considers both Peter and Basilisk expendable, and that Basilisk isn't pleased with either her or Peter's situation.

After Peter completes all of KASMA's orders, Teddy contacts him directly. She remarks that the expense of retrieving him from his pod is not worth it, but plans on honoring her contract and sending the pay he was promised to his family. She then disables his pod. Before Peter can suffocate, however, he puts on the spacesuit prepared by Basilik for him. He then takes Claire Whitten's KASMA operations key left in the Operator. Overriding the pod's controls, he crashes it near Pytheas Moon Base.

Surviving the crash, Peter makes his way to the base, and boards a rocket heading for Earth, not knowing he brought a Mimic with him disguised as his daughter's doll.

Trivia Edit

  • Peter is the only character in Prey (2017) and Mooncrash to have visible tattoos.
  • He is the only Character in Prey (2017) to make an appearance, but be completely mute and not have audio logs.

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