Primal fear is the second episode of the game Prey Invasion.

Comm StationEdit


Room Contents : 1 Health Spore, 3 Fodder, 1 Hunter Rifle

The entrance into the alien facility, little of note except for the hunter rifle found here.

Delta StationEdit


Room Contents : 1 Hunter, 1 Fodder, 1 Ammo, 1 Giant Crawler, 1 Health Spore

Little of note in Delta Station other than its a corridor that must be passed through to get into the bulk of the facility.

Sigma StationEdit


Room Contents : 1 Hunter, 2 Hound

Little of note just another corridor that must be passed through.

Gangway 9Edit


Room Contents : 4 Fodder, 2 Teleport Boxes

Gangway 9 is a central chamber in the alien compound, the fodder are a minor nuisance.



Room Contents 4 Gravity Walkways, 4 Mounted Turrets, 1 Mutate, 2 Hostile Turrets.

The Wallwalk room leads to many rooms in the alien facility, there is only a single mutate, but there are two hostile turrets that fire at the player. The player has the option to enter any of the four mounted turrets in this chamber.

Centurion StorageEdit


Room Contents : 1 Mutate, 1 Ammo

A storage room for centurions, showing centurions apparently stored in some sort of material similar to star wars' carbonite. There is a single mutate in the room, and some ammo.

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