Prototype Nullwave Transmitter
"Developed by Alex and Morgan Yu to hijack the neural signal being transmitted by the Typhon Coral."
In-game description [src]

The Prototype Nullwave Transmitter can be fabricated after obtaining the plan from Alex Yu. It is needed for the main story objective A Mind Without Limits. It is one of the two ways to defeat the Apex Typhon, the other being triggering the Talos I's self-destruct sequence. To increase its effective range to the space outside the station, it is to be placed in the heart of the Coral in the original Typhon containment chamber in Psychotronics. Activating it from the bridge causes it to effectively "lobotomize" all Typhon aboard Talos I, including the Apex, which dissociates upon being affected by the massive nullwave. The Talos I humans, by contrast, are said to only suffer from mild headache as a result of the nullwave.

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