Psychostatic Cutter is a melee weapon found on Pytheas moon base during Prey (2017) Mooncrash.

Overview Edit

Psychostatic Cutter is a prototype weapon that utilizes psionic interference to cause mental damage as well as physical damage.

The weapon comes in two versions: default, which only appears in Claire Whitten's starting loadout and elite version, which can be always found at any time in Pytheas Labs, Typhon Sciences section. From there, enter the Psychometrics Office — inside, you’ll find a special container with the elite Psychostatic Cutter.

Usage Edit

The Psychostatic Cutter consumes stamina for normal attacks, and PSI points for charged attacks. The PSI attack can be used, even if you don’t have any PSI potential. Any character can launch PSI projectiles. The attacks also ignore all physical barriers, so you can attack enemies through doors or windows safely.

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