Pytheas Labs is a location featured in Prey (2017)'s Mooncrash downloadable content.

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Pytheas Labs forms the main research wing of the Pytheas moonbase. It was a major hub of Typhon research, with its own dedicated Typhon containment area. Weapons research was also done in one of the labs. The Psychostatic Cutter and Typhon Gates were created here.

Pytheas administrator Riley Yu had her office here on the top floor of the labs. Above her office is the Data Archive, which houses all the research and databases on Pytheas.

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Floor 1 Edit

  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Behavioral Biometrics
  • Deployment Command
  • Escape Pod Bay
  • Isolation Chamber
  • Morgue
  • Psychotronic Weapons Research
  • Pytheas Labs
  • Typhon Containment
  • Volunteer Containment
  • Volunteer Showers

Floor 2 Edit

  • Engineering Annex, Storage Room, or Trauma Center (randomized)
  • Security Booth
  • Tram Terminal

Floor 3 Edit

  • Director's Office
  • Conference Room

Floor 4 Edit

  • Data Archive

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